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Communication Policy

We will make every effort to keep dancers and parents updated with all recent communication. By use of our website, studio bulletin boards, Facebook, email, and texting, we are certain you will receive all the necessary information. All information concerning schedules and calendar are posted on our website. Our site functions as a way to keep students and parents informed and up to date on studio events and activities. Please visit this site often to receive current studio information as it is updated regularly.

Premiere Dance Academy Handbook

We have created a parent/dancer handbook with all the necessary information you as a parent will need to help your child be successful as a dancer AND to be informed of the school policies. From time to time the handbook will be updated and available here for download. Parents will be given a paper copy of the Handbook upon registration. A digital copy will also be available below. Please take the time to review and be current with the studio policies.  

Communication Regarding Casting Decisions

Dancers and Parents are sometimes pleased with casting decisions and sometimes not. We want our staff to be approachable and encourage open communication so it may be necessary to schedule a private meeting with the Studio Director to discuss any questions or disappointments around casting decisions. Parents are required to wait 48 hours after casting decisions have been made before approaching the Choreographer and/or Studio Director to discuss casting decisions. 

Teacher Training Program

Dancers who want to further their dance education by teaching dance to others may enter the Teacher Training Program with the permission of the Studio Director. The program requires a one-year commitment and is open to dancers on the Advanced Team who are at least a sophomore in high school. The program incorporated a gradual increase in teaching responsibility under the careful supervision of a qualified teacher. Upon successful completion of the program, trainees may be asked to substitute teach or may be assigned a beginner level class of their own.    

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