• Fall registration begins in August. Students may enroll anytime during the year for classes and some restrictions in performance and competition may exist for late enrollees.

  • Class schedules for each dancer should be fixed by mid-September.  Classes that are or become insufficiently enrolled may be cancelled.

  • Students wishing to add or drop classes must have a parent submit the change to the front desk staff by note or email.  This is to assure that parents know when their child is supposed to be at class and that appropriate tuition is assessed.

  • Students wishing to withdraw from classes must have a parent submit a note or email to the front desk staff; the date the Studio Director receives the email/note will constitute the withdrawal date.  Tuition will not be assessed after the withdrawal date.


Payment Policies

Current tuition rates are noted on the Registration Form and Website.  Tuition is payable in advance.  Students may take class only if tuition is current.  There are no tuition refunds.

  • Tuition may be remitted in:

    • 10% discount on ​Semester payments: 2 payments per school year: 1st semester due before Sept.15 & 2nd semester due before Jan. 15 (DOES NOT APPLY TO HOLLISTER RESIDENTS - THEY RECEIVE 15% DISCOUNT ONLY)

      • Monthly payments: No discounts applied

      • No discounts applied to registration fees or competition fees

  • Premiere Dance Academy accepts checks and cash only.  Please make checks payable to Premiere Dance Academy.

  • Payments received after the 15th of the month will be assessed a late fee of $15.

  • Adults pay on a drop-in basis before taking class or buy a class punch card.

  • Returned check fee of $25 will be assessed. 

  • If a class is missed, it is not prorated or refunded. it is asked to be made up. 

Attendance, Absence, Make up and Tardiness Policy

Make-up classes may be taken at any time of the year at the same level or a lower level if necessary.  No credit will be given for missed classes.


Students are expected to begin class on time and prepared to dance.  It is in everyone’s best interest to have students arrive early so they are ready for class to begin as scheduled.  Students who enter the studio late disrupt the flow of teaching and distract their fellow classmates. Joining classroom exercises late without proper warm-up may be injurious to dancers.  If a student is more than 10 minutes late they may be asked by the teacher to observe the class rather than participate in it.


30 minute class:                               $35/month

Preschool:                                         $40/month

45-60 minute class:                        $45/month

75-90 minute class:                        $55/month

105-120 minute class:                     $65/month 

Single Student unlimited:                $175/month

2 Student unlimited:                        $245/month

3 Student unlimited                         $295/month  


Fall/Spring Registration Fee:         $40 for 1st student                                                                                                                                     $15 for each additional student


Summer Registration Fee:              $10 per single student registration

                                                          $15 per family registration(up to 3 students)


Recital Fee:                                       $50 for 1st student   

                                                            $15 for each additional student  

**Specialty Classes are NOT included in the Unlimited Plans

Aerial Art Class:                                $70/month  or  $55 if student is registered in another class

Adult Ballroom:                                $10/class

Competition Team:                          $50/month

**Drop-In Students are welcome at Level 5 & 6 Classes - $10 per class


*10%discount for additional classes after full rate of 1st class

**15% discount for all Hollister Residents

    (Zip Codes: 65672 & 65673)